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Local Actions
Local Actions
What can we do to address climate change locally?
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Sustainable Peterborough is developing a Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for the Greater Peterborough Area to reduce local contributions to climate change and prepare the community for changes that will occur as a result of climate change. The overall objective of the CCAP is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the use of fossil fuels, lower our energy consumption, and adapt to a changing climate. We are now in the phase where we are developing actions and want to know your ideas for what we can do to address climate change locally.

For context, our top five sources of emissions here in the Greater Peterborough Area are:
- Natural gas (35%)
- Gasoline (20%)
- Electricity (16%)
- Livestock (13%)
- Other heating fuels (13%)

What can we do in our community to reduce these emissions?

James K15
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